Sites on Aging that I like

On this page I am listing sites that relating to aging that I have found interesting or useful.

TimeGoesBy is one of my favorite, eclectic blogs about aging.  It has a number of regular contributors.

HelpParentsAgeWell is a blog with helpful advice for those with aging parents

Medical News Today is just what it sounds like - a site dedicated to recent studies in health care.  The senior section is full of the latest medical information impacting seniors. is one woman's take on being a young grandmother.  She has a new post almost daily.  The site also has product reviews and games.

The Elders is a site dedicated to peace and human rights.  It focuses on the work of "retired" international leaders like Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan.  It's an inspiration to see people in their 80's and 90's still working to change the world.

Active Adult Living is a great index of senior living options with profiles of communities throughout the country.

New Old Age - This New York Times blog has a variety of articles, mostly about caring for aging parents. - This is the site of the international essential tremor foundation.

Senior Corps - The National and Community Service web site for people over 55 who are looking for opportunities to give of their time in a meaningful way.

Parkinson's Disease Foundation - If you need information on Parkinson's Disease, this is the place to begin your research.

I'll keep adding to this list as I find other sites that are useful.

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