Most Popular Incontinence Products for Men

If you are dealing with incontinence but don't know what product is best suited for you consider the ones listed below.  These are the most frequently ordered incontinence products on elderstore.

Wearever Super Incontinence Briefs for Men - These briefs look more or less like normal briefs but they claim twice the absorbency of other reusable incontinence briefs.  Our clients find that they work well to prevent wet spots on outer garments without the inconvenience of more elaborate systems of protection.  If you are not sure what product is right for you, this is a good place to start.

Plaid quilted bed pad - this attractive, quilted bed pad has fabric on one side and a waterproof backing on the other.  An excellent way to protect bedding from nighttime accidents.

Afex Incontinence Management System - This system is designed to be comfortable and discreet.  The Afex System effectively controls odor, leakage, wetness and helps fight skin rash associated with other products used to manage incontinence for long periods of time.  The Afex System has cotton briefs, a plastic receptacle and a collection bag that fit under your clothing.     

Economy Adult Vinyl Pull on Pants - the very economical and simple vinyl pant is designed to be discreet and effective at preventing leaks.

McGuire Style Urinal - This urinary collection device is easy to put on and virtually unnoticeable under your clothes.  You can use the smaller self contained unit for ordinary usage or the larger leg bag for longer periods of time.  This product does contain latex so if you are allergic to latex you should consider another approach.

Soft Quilt Seat Protectors - These attractive seat pads will hold up to 8 ounces of liquid.  So they are useful at protecting furniture from the occasional accident and inconspicuous the rest of the time!

Dribblestop Incontinence Clamp - This external clamping device is designed to prevent urine flow without cutting off blood flow.  The clamp is adjustable to work on men of any size by gently putting pressure on the urethra.

Catheze Leg Bag Holder - This leg bag holder gets rave reviews from our clients as the most comfortable and secure way to hold a urinary leg bag in place.  Visit to learn more.

Cunningham Clamp - The Bard Cunningham Clamp is one of the original penile incontinence clamps.  It still works very well for many men.

Visit Elderstore for more incontinence products for men.

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