Monday, April 14, 2014

Weighted Utensils for people with Parkinson's Disease or Hand Tremors

People with Parkinson's disease or hand tremors can benefit from using weighted utensils when they eat.   At Elderstore, we carry two models of weighted utensils.   KEatlery utensils have the appearance of normal, quality flatware, but they weigh approximately 8 ounces each.  The other model of weighted utensils we carry are the same weight but with contoured handles to help you or your loved one maintain a better grip.  Click here to learn more.       

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Laundry Carts

Lugging heavy laundry baskets around the house gets more difficult with age.  One of our most popular products to deal with this problem is the Panache Laundry Cart.  You can set your laundry basket on this lightweight, folding cart and wheel it wherever you need to in your home.
The other product we really like for moving the family laundry around easily is the VersaCart laundry cart.  This cart has swivel wheels and folds up like an umbrella.  This cart eliminates the laundry basket altogether since you can directly place the laundry directly in the cart bag.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation reminds us that April is Parkinson's Awareness Month.  As many as one million Americans live with Parkinson's Disease.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Incontinence products for men

Lots of men dislike the idea of using incontinence products -- items like adult diapers, clamps, travel urinals, and catheters. But if you are a man having a problem with incontinence, these products can really help. They can prevent embarrassing accidents and increase your confidence.   We described some of our most popular  incontinence products for men at this link.  The Afex incontinence management system is one of our best selling items to help men with incontinence.  You can find descriptions of all of our incontinence products for men on

New Travel Pill Box

Check out this sleek new travel pill box.  The travel pill box is designed to carry daily medications or vitamins when you are on the go.